For over 40 years we have made an accurate support to the producers of lined furniture and to complementary markets. We are deeply settled in the territory, therefore we had the chance to compare ourselves to a steadily growing market.
We strengthened our presence in the national territory, in the main European markets but we made also important non-European experiences.

The satisfaction of the customer is always at the centre. Thanks to a flexible organization and to valid partnerships ,we built during these years, we developed a prompt and great service focused on the customer, never forgetting the quality.

Thanks to a great range of products and a steadily specialized know how, we can offer to our customer custom-made solutions.


About us

For over 40 years, through the experience and the attention of our workforce we offer our service to a steadily varied clientele, with custom-made and high quality solutions.

Professional machines

HIgh quality products

We work hard in order to offer to our customers the quality of materials and the competence of our experts for the necessity of fireproof articles, certificates that follow the main regulations as far as products for filling and covering are concerned.